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The Second Shepherds Play essays

The Second Shepherds Play essays The Second Shepherds Play goes against many of the characteristics that Horace believes should be in a play. The play does not stay in the boundaries of genres by mixing comedy with seriousness. It is not consistent; it is not without surprises. Finally, the author did not completely believe in Dulce Et Utile or does he carefully weigh the judgment of his work. This play combines a little bit of comedy with extreme seriousness. The play begins with three shepherds guarding their sheep when a character named Mak joins them. Mak steals a sheep while the shepherds are sleeping and take it home to his wife. When the shepherds arrive at Mak's house to see if he has stolen the sheep they are fooled into believing that the sheep is a new born baby that Maks wife has just delivered. Even with a close up view of the sheep/baby, the shepherds believe it is just an ugly baby with a big snout. The punishment that the shepherds inflict on Mak when they finally realize the baby is a sheep is quite comical also. Stealing is a serious crime and it has been for quite some time. The shepherd simply place Mak inside a blanket and toss him up and down a few times. When the shepherds are finished inflicting their punishment on Mak they return to guard their sheep. At this point in the play the plot takes a complete turn from comedy to seriousness. Other than the three shepherds still being characters in the play, the whole plot changes. The three shepherds receive word that baby Jesus is born in Bethlehem. The play goes from one extreme to the other surprisingly fast; it is almost two separate plays. Dulce Et Utile is a Latin word that means to give pleasure and profit. When a writer has the gift of story telling they should share it by writing and publishing their stories or plays. Someone with a true gift of being able to write will give pleasure to those who read it. When a story or play is published and bought b ...

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Psyc learning and cognition Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Psyc learning and cognition - Essay Example Following that sad experience, I developed mixed feelings of disappointment, anxiety, and stress on grounds of shame I felt before the whole class, as I was yelled at furiously by that teacher. Therefore, sitting for a test became an unconditioned stimulus for me while anxiety formed an unconditioned response. The other science teacher who employed the amazing tool of classical conditioning tried removing the link between my past experience and anxiety, and this became clear to me soon after he became our regular teacher. He assessed the general outlook and mood of every single student in the classroom, and later used to apply diverse techniques to work upon the weaknesses noticed. In my case, he very carefully and subtly paired the stimulus of test with praiseworthy and encouraging words, due to which the anxiety I previously used to feel upon being asked a question got replaced with positive conditioned response of confidence. That is how classical conditioning acted as a benefit f or me because it removed negative stimuli to develop positive behavior. Instrumental conditioning can be used to both strengthen and repress a certain behavior by way of encouragement or reprimand, respectively. The probability of how long instrumental conditioning could last depends on the severity of reward or punishment. In my freshman year, I developed the studious habit of remaining homebound and reading a lot in order to get past the tough subjects I had taken. Learning way more than my batch mates earlier than required also fomented my confidence level, which particularly skyrocketed nearly every time a teacher used to ask any question during a lecture. Though volunteering to answer a question by raising hand is always thought to be a good student practice, and I was also appreciated upon doing so, which reinforced this particular eager behavior of mine to answer questions. But, it is undeniably true that excess of everything is bad. On being encouraged and praised before the

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Observational films - Corporation Documentary Research Paper

Observational films - Corporation Documentary - Research Paper Example Furthermore, in order to assess the personality of the corporation, there is a checklist employed which uses diagnostic criteria and standard tools of psychologists. These standards are applied to ensure that the organizational principles are human. But the organizational principles that are applied are highly self-interested, amoral, deceitful, and they breach the legal and social standards just to get the profits. The organization does not even suffer with guilt. â€Å"The Corporation† starts with a fast juxtaposition of familiar company logos and specific images, which supports the narration. And narration is giving you facts about the content. I realized that after the first couple of sentences my focus was so much on the visuals that the second time I watched it, I noticed I had missed some key information from the narrative. I understand that the filmmakers wanted to have gripping beginning and wanted to hit you with the important, interesting facts however I rather have something (visuals) that would allow me to think about the narration more. Also I would like the narration to be a bit slower. The bad apple metaphor is a good way to begin. It is a good example and preparation of what the documentary will sum up. It’s true that a big portion of the documentary is using archive footage to support the audio. Even though I found the selection of archival footage very specific and extraordinary, sometimes it gets a bit too literal. First time we see a face in the movie, it ends up with a good twist. The man (Ira Jackson) who is looking right at the camera (audience) finishes with a joke. This part gives you a brief break from all the â€Å"serious† stuff and hints out that this â€Å"boring† documentary about corporations will not be as tedious and boring as it seems to be. Besides having the subject looking right at

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The things needed by a woman fleeing from domestic abuse Essay Example for Free

The things needed by a woman fleeing from domestic abuse Essay There are many things that one can do to support a woman who is attempting to flee from domestic violence. According to the Domestic Violence Victims Bill of Rights (Andrew Cuomo, 2008). The first critical thing that a survivor of domestic violence needs is assistance to get both her and any children to safety. Safety means to a shelter, or location where one’s partner will not look. Safety also means that the survivor of domestic violence will need legal assistance. Second, they will need legal and law enforcement assistance in obtaining Temporary Restraining Orders, and personal belongings. According to Strong DeVault and Sayad (2001), one fo the most critical things that can be provided for women fleeing from domestic abuse would be emotional and psychological support. This can be provided in any number of ways including, counseling, support groups, and family support networks. 4. 2. Discuss some of the general recommendations that family violence experts make for preventing family violence. Strong, DeVault and Sayad (2001) make several suggestions that can be seen as effective in preventing situations in which family violence might occur. The first solution that is suggested by the experts is that society seeks to reduce societal problems such as, poverty, unemployment, low wages and other factors that contribute to situations of extreme stress within the family. The second suggestion made by Strong, DeVault and Sayad (2001) is that both husbands and wives in a family need equal opportunities to achieve educational and career goals. The third key aspect of preventing family violence according to the experts is to educate men and women about family planning and birth control in order to avoid unplanned or unwanted pregnancy. The final method suggested by Strong, DeVault and Sayad (2001) is to ensure that parents, specifically young parents are educated about parenting as well as about disciplinary methods that are non-violent in nature in order to break the multi-generational cycle of violence that is common to many families. Strong, DeVault, Sayad (2001) suggest that the daycare system be reformed and that preventative programs be developed to stop family violence before it becomes a problem for families. Finally, it is suggest that families receive assistance in developing social support networks in order to end social isolation that may be common in violent family situations. These suggests from the experts are only general however they can guide agencies and therapists who deal with family violence in creating policies and programs to deal with family violence. 4. 3. What is Divorce Mediation and what is its primary goal? Divorce mediation is primarily a means of resolving marital disputes resulting form divorce such as, property division and child custody, without involving the courts, or lawyers. This reduces the stress on the divorcing couple and allows them to settle without the hostility and arguing over these issues that is typically seen in divorce pursued through the court systems. Strong, DeVault, and Sayad (2001) argue that, this is critical for ensuring that the best possible results are obtained for the family in terms of child custody, visitation and child support. Strong, DeVault and Sayad (2001) suggest that divorce medication can have a powerful influence on how well parents get along after a divorce and therefore how well children adjust to a situation of divorce. This means that family members are less likely to have problems if mediation rather than courts and lawyers are utilized in order to avoid hostilities. In fact, avoidance of hostility between divorcing family members is the primary goal of divorce mediation. 4. 4 Based on the work of Visher and Visher, discuss three structural characteristics that make the stepfamily different from the traditional first-marriage family? There are three main ways in which stepfamilies differ structurally from traditional nuclear families. According to Strong, DeVault and Sayad (2001), one major way lies in the fact that one for both parents in a stepfamily may have differing custody arrangements for their children including, sole custody, joint custody, legal custody, physical custody or no custody of their children. Thus children that are brought into the marriage may spend differing amounts of time within the stepfamily and have differing rates of adjustment to living within a stepfamily. Second, the number of parents in the family differs from the traditional two parent family because a child may have a biological mother and father and anywhere from 1-4 stepmothers and stepfathers. This can create conflicts, as the child will have to face different rules and expectations with each family. Finally, Strong, DeVault and Sayad (2001) state that, stepfamilies are larger, and often have more complicated family system than traditional families. References James, Paula (1997) The Divorce Mediation Handbook: Everything You Need To Know. Jossey-Bass, New York, 240 Office of the New York State Attorney General (2008) Domestic Violence Victims Bill Of Rights Retrieved, August 11, 2008, from, http://www. oag. state. ny. us/family/domestic_violence. html Strong, Bryan, DeVault, Christine, and Sayad, Barbara, W (2001) The Marriage and Family Experience 9thEd, Wadsworth/Thomson Publishing, New York,

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The Mending Wall :: essays research papers

Walls and Borders Do â€Å"good fences really make good neighbors?†(666) Robert Frost’s poem Mending Wall examines this as a local issue. It can also be interpreted as a global issue. Frost writes about two neighbor farmers and how a wall between their property effects the relationship between the two. Taking a more global look at the issue, the conflict in the former Yugoslavia relates to Mending Wall. Perhaps â€Å"good fences† give people a false sense of security. Robert Frost’s poem, Mending Wall, is about two neighbors who meet every year in the spring to rebuild the wall, which borders their properties. The wall is toppled each year by hunters, weather, and time. The narrator of the poem doesn’t see the point of rebuilding the wall year after year. He sees no problem with just letting the wall alone. He doesn’t understand what he is â€Å"walling in or walling out.† (667) He calls it, â€Å"an outdoor game, one on a side†¦ it comes to little more.† (667) His neighbor, however, wants to build the wall, saying, †Good fences make good neighbors.† (667) These neighbors have a conflicting view of the wall. One doesn’t see any sense in the wall, and the other insists that it be fixed, without giving any sensible reason. In 1991, the European country of Yugoslavia, located in southeastern Europe, in the Balkan Mountains, split into eight different nations, due to an â€Å"ethnic cleansing†. The countries formed from the split are Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, Vgivodina, and Serbia. The main reason for the split is the diversity of the ethnic groups involved. There are the Serbs, Muslims, Croats, and Bosnians. The civil war started when Serbs in Bosnia and Croatia incited a rebellion. Bosnia is the center of the conflict, being the most diverse. The Bosnian-Croat Federation occupies Western Bosnia, which includes the capital city of Saraj evo. Whereas eastern Bosnia is occupied by the Serb Republic. Sarajevo is the center of most of the fighting, because it is such a diverse city, torn by different ethnic neighborhoods. Many European countries and the United States tried to end fighting before it spread throughout Europe, creating World War 3. The Dayton Agreement was established to try to unify the city. It stated that Sarajevo’s Muslim and Serb neighborhoods are reunified under the Bosnian government, much to the disdain of the Bosnian Serbs, who want to divide the city.

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Faulker vs. Hemingway Essay

Each writer has its very own and unique style when writing a story. The style a writer uses to write a story shows the tone being use, symbolism, characterization and description, enough for the reader to understand the story. Two well-known writers with completely different styles are Ernest Hemingway and William Faulkner. â€Å"Faulkner uses many words to weave an intricate picture in the reader’s head of what is going on, and Hemingway uses many monosyllabic words to create a seemingly simple story† (Dayan). Their similarities and differences in style are seen when comparing and contrasting two of their famous short stories, â€Å"A Clean, Well-Lighted Place† by Ernest Hemingway and â€Å"Barn Burning† by William Faulkner. Ernest Hemingway’s story â€Å"A Clean, Well-Lighted Place† uses simple words that directly mean what they stand for. Hemingway uses simple, less complex words to describe both characters and setting. Examples of it are found in the title, â€Å"A Clean, Well-Lighted Place† (Hemingway 141). The two waiters describe the customer as a â€Å"clean old man†¦ a good client† (Hemingway 141). Hemingway’s word choice was blunt and to the point. The word usage does not let the reader get funny ideas or leeway to think anything other than what Hemingway says. Hemingway’s style reflects when the young waiter states the old man is â€Å"drunk† (Hemingway 141). The young waiter does not suggest he was tipsy or that he seemed intoxicated, he simply meant he was drunk. On the other hand, William Faulkner’s use of words are more complicated due to the fact they are slang and misspelled. Some misspelled words and slang are â€Å"kin†¦ hisn†¦ and hit† (Faulkner 145) which stands for the words can, his, and it. The reason for the use of a southern accent is to set the mood of where the story takes place. Racist slurs such as â€Å"nigger† (Faulkner 146) are used to build a certain attitude toward the character who says them. Faulkner describes the way Abner walks as â€Å"stiffly† (Faulkner 146) which also affects the way the reader feels about the character. Many readers who are not familiar with the south the complex word usage in â€Å"Barn Burning† mean many things and nothing at times; this can also affect the reader’s attitude toward the story. In his writing Ernest Hemingway gives you a clearer and easier image of the setting in the story. â€Å"It was late and everyone had left the cafe except an old man who sat in the shadow the leaves of the trees made against the electric light† (Hemingway 141). Another image follows instantly, of a girl and a soldier hurriedly passing by, â€Å"The street light shone on the brass number on his collar† (Hemingway 141). These images are visualized clearly which helps set the setting. The images Hemingway wants to show and describe in his story are put into simple words, which leave no confusion for the reader not to be able to feel or see the story. However William Faulkner uses a different technique. Faulkner’s images are given in difficult wording with excessive details. An example of this is shown in one of his stories, â€Å"ranked shelves close-packed with the solid, squat, dynamic shapes of tin cans whose labels his stomach read†¦ the scarlet devils and the silver curve of fish† (Faulkner 145). His description is longer and harder to understand unlike Hemingway which is easier and understandable to read. â€Å"Ernest Hemingway brings us to the moment with speed†¦In contrast Faulkner gently leads, involves and seduces, and then overwhelms† (Hemingway, Line: Ernest). When reading Faulkner’s story’s one must re-read the story in order to understand. In Ernest Hemingway’s story, the details he wants to describe are done to get the theme across. The details of the cafe and the bar are given so one can compare and understand the character’s loneliness and his need for light and cleanness. The cafe was â€Å"clean†¦ well-lighted† (Hemingway 144). The bar on the other hand was unpolished. Other details Hemingway includes are those of the old man’s character. â€Å"Last week he tried to commit suicide,† (Hemingway 141) and â€Å"He has plenty of money. † (Hemingway 141) are given to descried the old man and set a setting. Also the language used in Faulkner and Hemingway are completely different. For instance the language used in the story â€Å"Barn Burning† by William Faulkner includes informal and slightly slanged words. â€Å"‘Naw,’ he said. â€Å"Hit don’t hurt. Lemme be. ’† (Faulkner 147). Interior Monologue also makes up the element of language. Interior monologue is a tool through which a writer can exhibit the thoughts of the characters to the readers. â€Å"I could run on and on and never look back, never need to see his face again. † (Faulkner 155) is Sarty’s interior monologue. Faulkner uses interior monologue to prove Sarty was not allowed to express himself freely out of fear. The sentence structure used in a story also has an impact on the reader’s attitude. The sentences are structured in a way to get certain points and feelings across. Sentence structure in Ernest Hemingway’s â€Å"A Clean, Well-Lighted Place† includes short, choppy, simple and direct sentences. For example, ‘â€Å"He has plenty of money. †Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ (Hemingway 141) and â€Å"‘Nothing. †Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ (Hemingway 141). Formal, complex and long drawn-out sentences make up the sentence structure in â€Å"Barn Burning† by William Faulkner. â€Å"In the day the street was dusty, but at night the dew settled the dust and the old man liked to sit late because he was deaf and now at night it was quiet and he felt the difference. † (Faulkner 141). His sentences tend to long and breath taking. Faulkner’s style is formal but excessively detailed. He creates sentences extremely complicated that many times the best way to understand them is to go back and re-read the sentence. â€Å"The boy, crouched on his nail keg at the back of the crowded room, knew he smelled cheese, and more: from where he sat he could see the ranked shelves close-packed with the solid, squat, dynamic shapes of tin cans whose labels his stomach read, not from the lettering which meant nothing to his mind but from the scarlet devils and the silver curve of fish-this, the cheese which he knew he smelled and the hermetic meat which his intestines believed he smelled coming in intermittent gusts momentary and brief between the other constant one, the smell and sense just a little of fear because mostly of despair and grief, the old fierce pull of blood† (Faulkner 145). The style of both Ernest Hemingway and William Faulkner are very different. One style, Hemingway being simple and to the point the other, easy enough for the reader to get a quick understanding and clear image of the story. Faulkner being complicated and full of details makes it complicated for the reader to understand the story. One must be open minded in order to understand Faulkner’s stories and the possible meanings of each one. Works Cited Dayan, Evea. â€Å"Faulkner Vs. Hemingway: A Comparison of Writing Styles. † Associated Content from Yahoo! – Associatedcontent. com. Web. 30 July 2011. http://www. associatedcontent. com/article/292995/faulkner_vs_hemingway_a_comparison. html? cat=38 Faulkner, William. â€Å"Barn Burning. † Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama. Ed. X. J. Kennedy and Dana Gioia. 2nd Compact ed. New York: Longman, 2000. 145-158. Hemingway, Ernest. â€Å"A Clean, Well-Lighted Place. † Literature: An Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama. Ed. X. J. Kennedy and Dana Gioia. 2nd Compact ed. New York: Longman, 2000. 141-144. Hemingway, Line: Ernest. â€Å"Philip S. Rader – Faulkner

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Interpersonal Relationships In Jane Eyre - 1443 Words

Online dating is perhaps the fastest growing industry in this day and age. In 2016, over 50 million people in the United States had signed up for online dating sites, which bring in an annual revenue around 2 billion. As the reach of the internet increases, so does the ability of businesses to find exactly what customers are looking for. Websites such, Eharmony, and Zoosk boast couples that met on their site and have been together for years, as well as their abilities to find â€Å"the one† just by answering a few questions. With numerous success stories in addition to an international market, love seems guaranteed. However, only 20% of all relationships started online stay committed and successful. But why do considerable amounts†¦show more content†¦During a visit from wealthy lords and ladies to Thornfield, she compares her relationship with Rochester to how he acts around the rest of the party saying: â€Å"..he is not of their kind, I believe he is of mine...I know I must conceal my sentiments..., I must remember he cannot care much for me, for when I say that I am of his kind, I do not mean that I have force to influence, or his spell to attract; I must, then, repeat continually that we are forever sundered-and yet, while I breathe I think I must love him† (199). Jane has finally found someone who not only understands her mind, but urges it to grow unrestricted, unlike past figures in her life. The passion Rochester and Jane both have for honest, intellectual conversation is what convinces Jane she really does love him. Similarly, Rochester comes to the conclusion he has loved Jane all along. Within minutes of these confessions of passion, Rochester proposes and they are due to marry within the month. The once hidden passion both Jane and Rochester feel only grows, and it soon begins to consume them. Rochester wants to â€Å"put a diamond chain round [Jane’s] neck , a circlet on her forehead...clasp bracelets on fine wrists and load fairy-like fingers with rings† (291). He forgets that Jane’s plainness is a cornerstone of her personality, a key component of what makes her so desirable. Jane protests to thisShow MoreRelatedEssay about Finding the Balance of Love and Freedom in Jane Eyre1339 Words   |  6 PagesSimilar to many of the great feministic novels of its time, Jane Eyre purely emerges as a story focused on the quest for love. The novel’s protagonist, Jane, searches not only for the romantic side of love, but ultimately for a sense of self-worth and independence. Set in the overlapping times of the Victorian and Gothic periods, the novel touches upon both women’s supposed rights, and their inner struggle for liberty. Orphaned at an early age, Jane was born into a modest lifestyle, without any major parentRead MoreEssay about Jane Eyre: The Freedom of Love1842 Words   |  8 PagesParallel to many of the gr eat feministic novels throughout literary history, Jane Eyre is a story about the quest for authentic love. However, Jane Eyre is unique and separate from other romantic pieces, in that it is also about a woman searching for a sense of self-worth through achieving a degree of independence. Orphaned and dismissed at an early age, Jane was born into a modest lifestyle that was characterized by a form of oppressive servitude of which she had no autonomy. She was busy spendingRead More Jane Eyre vs House of Mirth Lily Essay2044 Words   |  9 PagesJane Eyre vs House of Mirth Lily The novels, Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte, and House of Mirth, by Edith Wharton, contain many similarities and differences of which I will discuss in this essay. The focus will be on the main characters of each book, Jane Eyre, and Lily Bart and will include important points and ideas demonstrated in these novels. To begin, Jane, from Charlotte Bronte’s novel, Jane Eyre, was an orphan who was raised by an upper-class family who resented her and did notRead More A Comparison of the Ideals of Bronte in Jane Eyre and Voltaire in Candide2672 Words   |  11 PagesThe Ideals of Bronte in Jane Eyre and Voltaire in Candide      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Subjective novelists tend to use personal attitudes to shape their characters. Whether it be an interjection of opinion here, or an allusion to personal experience there, the beauty of a story lies in the clever disclosure of the authors personality. Charlotte Bronte and Voltaire are no exceptions. Their most notable leading characters, Jane Eyre and Candide, represent direct expressions of the respective authors emotions andRead MoreJane Eyre Literary Analysis1323 Words   |  6 Pagesas their abilities to find â€Å"the one† just by answering a few questions. With numerous success stories in addition to an international market, love seems guaranteed. However, only 20% of all relationships started online stay committed and successful. But why do considerable amounts of online relationships fail? In theory, a first date should be stressful and awkward no matter where two people met, whether on the subway or online. Some argue that while two people may have similar answers to anRead MoreLeadership Development42674 Words   |  171 Pagesresearchers have approached this task in different terms. Some have looked at tasks/ activities, some at skills/ behaviours and some personal qualities. Research has usually been focused on improving selection, so has not told us much about the relationship between capability and management development. Competence frameworks are used in many organisations as summaries of descriptions of desired management behaviours, often including activities and personal qualities as well. National Management